Application possibilities

  • In-store and webshop kiosk
  • logistics services
  • Digital reception and communication
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Entertainment and social media
  • Ticket and payment kiosk
  • Sign up, check in and register

  • Architecture, spatial and industrial design
  • Educational games
  • Virtual demonstration of e.g. machines
  • Project teams, presentations, interactive flow chart
  • Meeting table with virtual meeting documents
  • Wayfinding and interactive floor plans
  • Internet workplaces

  • Communication
  • Digital signage and videowalls
  • Internet and information kiosk
  • Promotional purposes
  • Survey and loyalty
  • Photo and image manipulation
  • Apps

Sign-up kiosk

Aanmeldzuilen in een ziekenhuis

Your visitors can sign up simply and quickly at a sign-up kiosk. With the touchscreen and additional hardware such as a barcode scanner, ID reader and pass dispenser we have created a fully self-service unit.


App promotion kiosk

Bestelzuil van "Ons Magazijn"

Promote your app on a big screen. Most of our products can be supplied with an integrated Android PC.


In-car payment desk

Snel betalingen afhandelen vanuit de auto

In-car operation gives you short queues and satisfied visitors. Available in a wide range of models, with the perfect solution for every location.


Order kiosk

Intersport Twinsport enthousiast over diz webshopzuil

Bring your webshop to the shop floor with a self-service order kiosk, so you can always be at your customers’ service. No waiting times, and all products ordered simply and quickly. Integrated payment terminal and scanner possible.


Cinema ticket kiosk


Order your tickets with this self-service solution. Make your choice on the touchscreen, pay, and your ticket is printed.


Emergencies kiosk

Calamiteiten musterpoint bij BP

We manufacture emergencies kiosks for various major oil companies, which employees and visitors can use to report that they’re safe in case of an emergency. Fitted with a range of innovative components.


Camera kiosk


diz is also your ideal partner for your camera kiosk or photobooth. A “public-proof” unit with integrated camera, fully in line with your wants and needs.


Drivers’ kiosk

Distrizuil chauffeurskiosk, Bavaria

A complete outdoor solution for streamlining your distribution, our multi-application drivers’ kiosks are the ideal way to cut waiting times and provide digital consignment notes.


Check-in kiosk

Self-check-in bij Easyhotel

A self check-in kiosk gives your hotel or guesthouse an enormous update. Your guests take care of the correct processing of their reservations themselves. With a payment terminal and an RFID scanner, your guests register their key-cards themselves.


Collaboration touch-table

Touchtafel voor groepsoverleg

Our large touch-tables are perfectly suited for brainstorming sessions, group meetings, control rooms and many other applications. Optimal collaboration!


Digital outdoor advertising

diz1200, Heuvelgalerij

Robust “public-proof” outdoor products, featuring a digital display behind safety glass. Highlight your message at any location.


Digital signage

Kassaloos winkelen

Targeted communication with your target group, showing eye-catching and attractive information on our big displays. Available in wall and free-standing models, for indoors and outdoors.


Digital reception desk

Digitale receptie bij Epcor

Let your visitors check in and out quickly, easily and simply with our complete digital reception desk units. A digital self-registration system has so many benefits!


Digital coffee table

Digitale salontafel

With a digital coffee table you offer your guests an innovative interactive experience in a relaxed setting.


Digital showroom

Digitale showroom bij Phoenix

With digital and interactive solutions your showroom becomes an experience centre! Digitally consult your product information, or steal the show with object recognition. Customisation is no problem.


Distribution kiosk

Distrizuil bij Bavaria, Flora Holland en P en O Ferrymasters

Efficient no-fuss docking. Our distribution kiosks give you efficiency in transport. The result? Greater volume in less throughput time.


Donation kiosk

Donatiezuil met contactloos betalen

Get a self-service donation solution with our donation kiosks. Information can be consulted on the touchscreen, and a donation is given with the payment terminal or contactless payment module.


Drive-through kiosk

Drive-through kiosk bij Kuster Olie

An outdoor drive-through kiosk features a large format high-bright monitor and an innovative communication system between customers in their cars and your employees, so orders are processed quickly and correctly.


Easy-order kiosk

Bestelzuil voor de horeca

An easy-order kiosk is perfect for use in your restaurant, fast-food outlet or retail location. These budget-friendly and modern self-order kiosks give you a significantly higher order value, with an integrated payment terminal, receipt printer and scanner.


Questionnaire kiosk

Kiosk om een enquete af te nemen

Our questionnaire kiosks give you a clear picture of your guests’, visitors’ or employees’ opinions. The input can be quickly and efficiently entered on the user-friendly touchscreen.


Window displays

Displays met hoge lichtopbrengst voor in de etalage

With large eye-catching displays with a high light output in your window your message is always visible. A digital window display is available in a range of formats: window dressing 2.0!


Photo kiosk

HEMA fotokiosk

A complete “public-proof” kiosk with integrated photo printer. We supply self-service kiosks for HEMA and other prestigious customers.


Gambling kiosk


Functional sport-betting solutions with which users can place bets and search for background information themselves. 24/7 access and no queues.


Games table

Digitale voetbaltafel

Big multi-touch tables with exciting games? Play an Android game on a 65-inch display? Digital table football? The possibilities are endless!


Memory trainer

Geheugentrainer bij Topaz

A multi-touch display integrated in a large table or movable unit. Regular memory training by elderly people improves mental performance, attention and concentration.


Prison displays

Vandalisme bestendige infozuil voor gevangenissen en politiecellen

These super-robust solutions can be used in detention centres, prisons and police cells. Vandal-proof and remotely controllable. Various functions are possible, such as watching TV, flushing toilets, day and night lighting and an intercom.


Grave finder kiosk

Robuuste grafwijzer

An outdoor kiosk with a serene appearance, perfect for use as a digital grave finder. You type in the surname on the touchscreen and a map is shown and printed if required.


ID-check kiosk

Inchecken met ID-kaart

A self-service kiosk with an integrated passport/ID scanner. Even an extra camera check is possible. Check the ID of the public, visitors, employees or customers. Professional unmanned visitor registration!


Industrial kiosk

Industriele werkplek bij de NS

Specially designed for industrial use and available in a wide range of formats and designs. There are also possibilities for the food processing industry. Optional connection to compressed air to create overpressure.


Info kiosk

diz1432 informatiezuil, winkelcentrum Wijkerbaan

An info kiosk is an indoor or on-street unit on which all kinds of information can be consulted on a screen. Choose an info kiosk from the biggest range in the Netherlands.


Instruction kiosk

Poortinstructie in het BP Trainingscenter

An instruction kiosk gives clear safety information to your visitors. With this effective digital door instruction kiosk (with tests) you can improve the safety behaviour at your location.


iPad kiosk

Public-proof iPad behuizing

There are various “public-proof” models available for the iPad, so you protect your valuable tablet against theft.


Kids’ corner

Interactieve Kids Corner

An interactive kids’ corner is totally in tune with today’s trends. With our multi-touch tables and other solutions the kids will look after themselves.


Loyalty kiosk

Loyalty zuilen met speciale acties

Loyalty as a service: make the customer the central focus with our loyalty kiosks. Ensure returning customers with special offers. Our loyalty kiosks are fitted with features such as a QR and barcode scanner and receipt printer.


Luggage kiosk

Bagage incheck voor BagPoint

Self-service luggage check-in, or make use of a luggage delivery service: everything’s possible with our luggage kiosks.


Menu kiosk

Holland Casino, diz1527 P

Offers your customers a digital menu card, making ordering a piece of cake!


Museum table

Multitouch-tafel Cultuurcentrum Zinder, Tiel

Bring your collection to life with a digital museum table. Show images and films in an innovative way. Can be used by multiple visitors at the same time.



Narrowcasting bij Iris Optiek

We have then ideal solutions for all your external communications. With our displays in strong housings your message is sure to stand out!


Object recognition

Object herkenning op een multitouch tafel

A multi-touch table with object recognition gives you a highly innovative solution! Make your products interactive: by placing them on the screen surface linked content is automatically displayed.


Public transport kiosk

Servicezuilen voor de RET Rotterdam

Public transport kiosks come in many shapes and sizes. Our public transport smartcard pillars are widely used, and our public ticket machines and service and information kiosks can be found on many platforms.


Parking meter

P+R kiosken

Robust and “public-proof” parking meters for indoor or outdoor car parks. Many built-in components are possible, so a safe ticket experience is guaranteed.


Presentation table

Vaillant op boot

For your trade fairs, staff meetings, museum or other events, our presentation tables are adjustable in both height and viewing angle. Available in a range of screen formats.


Product selector

Bruynzeel touchscreens

An interactive product selector for selecting products in an innovative way. Combine, mix and match and order!


Registration kiosk

Beurzen en evenementen

A registration kiosk is a perfect tool everywhere that visitors or guests have to check in. Take the load off your front desk, reception and trade fair workers, and rely on the proven technology of our registration kiosks.


Self-ordering kiosk

Bestelzuil met pinmodule voor het bestellen van reproducties in het Van Gogh Museum.

With a self-ordering kiosk your customers can order products themselves. With an integrated PIN terminal payment is quick an efficient.


Self-service kiosk

Zorghulpmiddelenpunt bij Medipoint

With a self-service solution you facilitate self-service for all your customers or visitors. Amending personal details, placing an order, reporting to an organisation or taking out or cancelling a membership… there are countless possibilities!


Service kiosk

Servicezuilen Gemeente Haarlem

A service kiosk is a valuable tool for service to your guests or members of the public. All manner of things can be processed with this kiosk, digitally and with no waiting times. A wide variety of models are available.


Smart payment system

A complete payment solution, with cards or cash (coins and/or banknotes), naturally in a robust and secure kiosk with which the required actions can be carried out in an efficient and customer-friendly way.



Rabobank Smartwall

A complete smartwall with various integrated interactive systems, that’s the power of diz. A manufacturer with its own design and engineering provides professional and personalised solutions that can be deployed in any location!


Supermarket scanning kiosk

Zelfscanzuil Hoogvliet Supermarkten

Scanning kiosks have become a familiar feature in the supermarket sector. diz provides complete scanning kiosks that customers can use to scan and pay for their shopping.


Tablet-assisted sales

Tablet-assisted sales voor de retail

Retail workers can make use of a tablet for questions, background information or picking an order. A compact device that, with the right cover, is definitely a useful tool.


Taxi kiosk


Ordering your transport was never so easy. The taxi kiosk means better visitor throughflow, unburdening the reception desks of companies and other organisations.


Ticket kiosk

Ticketkiosken Plopsaland (B)

With these self-service kiosks entry tickets can be bought quickly and simply. For outdoor and indoor use, making long queues at cash desks a thing of the past.


Timekeeping kiosk


With timekeeping and entry terminals you can quickly and easily keep track of the presence or absence of your employees. An all-in-one digital time management tool.


Entry terminal

Ticketzuilen in museum Naturalis

A complete entry terminal with a payment option, ticket printer, scanner and touchscreen. The perfect solution for any location.


Tourist information kiosk

Toeristische infozuil voor VVV Nederland

A tourist information kiosk is a highly effective way to inform tourists of current events and attractions. For indoor and outdoor applications.


Toilet area screens

Toilet monitoren Gelderlandplein

Stainless steel wall housings for narrowcasting. These “public-proof” units are specially designed for use in toilet areas.


Touch totem

diz1142 max P, Cardoen

An interactive totem for indoors or outdoors. With its large touchscreen this digital pillar is perfect for placement in shopping centres, showrooms and welcome areas.


Turnstile kiosk

Tourniquet zuil

These modular entry systems are ideal for use as self-service turnstiles.


Transport kiosk

Transport zuil

A digital check-in or check-out solution, for indoor or outdoor transport applications. Can be controlled from a lorry, or placed centrally in a distribution centre.


Video wall

Videowall voor Hommerson Casino's

The way to truly stand out: a video wall. All configurations are possible: 2X2, 3X3 or any other format. Seamless integration at your location.


Stock kiosk

Voorraad kiosk

All your products available in stock? Place a stock kiosk in your store for the answer.


Waiting room enhancement kiosk

Wachtruimte schermen Rabobank

We can supply an experience enhancement kiosk for anywhere where people have to wait. A digital screen display keeps your visitors informed and entertained.


Wayfinding kiosk

Wayfinding kiosk, Winkelcentrum De Barones, Breda

An interactive map on a large touchscreen. Enter your destination and see the route, with many innovative add-ons.


Webshop kiosk

Webshop zuil, Suitable

Display your webshop on the shop floor. Self-service kiosks with optional integrated scanner and PIN module.


Weighing kiosk

Onbemand vrachten wegen met een weegzuil

Unmanned cargo-weighing with a weighing kiosk. With integrated contactless pass reader.


Welcome screen

Digitale ontvangst met een welkomstscherm

Give your visitors a digital reception and welcome them with a digital welcome screen. Available in a wide range of models.


Self-scan kiosk

Zelf-scan zuilen bij Wundermart

Self-check-out for your customers. Scan and pay at an interactive self-scan kiosk.


Hospital kiosk

Handscanner in ziekenhuis

You’ll find our sign-in kiosks in hospitals, but we also supply specialised health kiosks, outpatient kiosks or hand-scan kiosks.