Independent advice

The main function of “public-proof” digital solutions is to give your customers or visitors the right information and trigger them to take the desired action. Specialist software is often needed for this. diz works in partnership with a number of software providers who are experts in their fields. So we can also give you independent advice on the many possibilities. Of course you can also supply the software yourself.

Effective total solution

We’ll be pleased to tell you about the possibilities, based on your wishes of course. In this way, in combination with our designer kiosks, monitors and versatile hardware possibilities, we help you find an effective total solution at a competitive price point.

Own software

If you wish you can also use your own software. You can even buy an empty housing from us to contain your own hardware components and software. We’ll be pleased to advise you on the possibilities, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Information kiosks and narrowcasting software

By using the right software on your information kiosks and monitors you immediately attract attention. There are also a wide variety of possibilities to directly trigger your customers to take action. We have drawn up an overview of possibilities for you to optimise the use of your kiosks and monitors. READ MORE

Multi-touch software

Specific software is used for multi-touch tables. This multi-touch software offers a package of applications with which you can present your products and services in a unique way. You can show your images, videos, folders and websites and more within a multi-touch environment, or highlight your products and services via one of the games. READ MORE

SiteKiosk and SiteRemote


Browser software for safeguarding public access computer terminals and Internet PCs. READ MORE


Allows the remote access of terminals running SiteKiosk. READ MORE