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Museums are moving with the times. Exhibitions are becoming more dynamic, collections are presented more interactively. With an information kiosk or multitouch table it’s possible to show a museum’s entire collection without it being physically present. You can say more in less space, and what’s more in any language.


Transport- and distribution centers

Distrizuil chauffeurskiosk, Bavaria

The time that a lorry spends at a docking station should preferably be as short as possible. The diz6019 outdoor enables the driver to upload the freight details and enter all the necessary information directly into the system on arrival on-site. The result? So there’s not much more to do at the station than the actual loading or unloading.



aanmeldzuilen ziekenhuis

As well as assistance for healthcare professionals, new technologies also offer ever more advantages and possibilities for the patient. A registration kiosk means you can give patients a faster alternative. Reception desk workers can use their freed up time for patients who need extra attention or prefer to register in person.

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Shops and shoppingmalls

Wayfinder in Winkelcentrum Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam

Wayfinders, order kiosks, customer counters, display screens or hand gel dispensers … diz is the retail specialist and has provided many large and small retailers with order kiosks, in all branches. Our solutions can be found in the stores of Parfumerie Douglas, HEMA, Only for Men, Suitable, Zeb Belgium, Praxis, Coco Maison, Iris Optiek, Intersport, Fietsenwinkel.nl and many others.


Hotels, restaurants and fast-food-outlets

Easy Order kiosk

An Easy Order kiosk is perfect for use as an extra sales point in your hospitality facility. With the help of our indoor or outdoor self-service point your guests can quickly and easily make a choice from your menu.
Perfect for use in catering locations with no cashier, or our products can also be directly connected to the cash till.


Reception area of business

Narrowcasting bij Iris Optiek

A waiting room or reception hall is the place to be to offer your target group the right message in the right place. If you want to encourage customers or visitors to take action, choose touch functionality. If the screen is purely for informational purposes, one of our clear screens is sufficient. We are happy to be of service with appropriate advice.

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Parking garages and public transport stations

These are places where a servicekiosk must be recognizable, robust and vandal-proof. In addition to a service that can be delivered quickly, such as buying a ticket, various other functionalities can be built into our kiosks. Consider, for example, a printer or a direct speaking connection with an employee.

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HSBIB bibliotheek Oosterschelde

Many libraries have now managed to find diz’s public-proof digital products. Naturally, the well-known self-check units with integrated payment function, but also wayfinding, internet workstations or multi-touch tables with educational solutions are available in a modern library.

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Zoos and amusement parks

Ticketkiosken Plopsaland (B)

Our public-proof outdoor ticket machines are located at the entrance and provide relief for the cashiers and quick access for visitors.
diz supplies such ticket kiosks through one of the software partners, which provides complete access control in amusement parks, swimming pools and zoos.

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Cemeteries and memorials

diz550, begraafplaats Gemeente Haarlem

Visitors to cemeteries would rather not search endlessly for the last resting place of their loved ones. Information kiosks quickly and easily show your visitors the way to the right plot. For memorial locations the visitor experience greatly gains in meaning with a respectful explanation of who is commemorated here and why.

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Trade fairs

diz1100MTT flex, beursstand Cobra Adviseurs

Let your customers and visitors get to know your products or services in an interactive way. Digital registration or registration of visitors is also possible with the information kiosks and touch tables from our rental range. We have suitable solutions for both organizers and exhibitors.

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Pharmacies and dentists

Aanmeldzuil tandarts Kwadrant