About us

Who are we?

diz is a designer and manufacturer of information kiosks, monitor housings, multi-touch tables and tablet solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we are the market leader in the deployment of “public-proof”, digital and interactive solutions. Both government agencies and the business community, in the Netherlands and far beyond, make use of our creative and accessible solutions.

What do we do?

diz advises, designs, manufactures and provides total solutions. Based on our extensive experience we give you specific advice on the many possibilities and built-in components of our digital products. From self-service kiosk to information kiosk, from registration kiosk to wayfinding or webshop kiosk, you decide on the use and the appearance of our products.

Why diz?

diz is independent, innovative and professional. We offer a tried and tested product at a competitive price point. If required we join forces with our software partners to fulfil your specific software wishes. We are flexible and inventive. Our team are standing ready for you with the best and most suitable digital solutions!



Platinastraat 42
2718 RZ Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
Telephone + 31 (0)79 – 362 40 40
Fax + 31 (0)79 – 362 20 90
E-mail info@diz.nl