Tablet solutions

Tablet solutions

diz has designed a wide range of tablet solutions for the use of an iPad in a public setting. These solutions are beautifully designed, “public-proof” and very attractively priced. They can also be delivered quickly, so they’re ideal when you need a finishing touch for your event, trade fair, shop floor or showroom.

Models and use

Our tablet solutions and casings can be used in many ways, and are available in both portrait and landscape formats. Various models can be adapted to your wishes and designed in line with your house style. The housings are available as free-standing, desktop and wall models, as well as other options. Want to use your valuable iPad securely? Then choose a tablet housing from diz.


Tablets are expensive, and also very fragile, so good protection is vital. The Tabbelt gives you this protection. A Tabbelt is a professional, custom-designed portable case made of hardwearing leather. The main functions of the tablet can be fully operated without taking it out of the case. Immediately ready for use. Learn more about the Tabbelt at