Information kiosks

What are information kiosks?

This broad term covers all of our “public-proof” digital solutions in free-standing, wall or desktop models. With the use of an interactive information kiosk you can offer a service to your visitors, customers or employees very effectively, and above all strikingly. The application possibilities of our information kiosks are endless.


Our kiosks can be finished in the RAL colour of your choice, and we can add your own logo or branding, so they fully match your interior.
Every information kiosk has a lockable hardware compartment where you can place a compact PC. We can supply these, or you can buy them yourself. Thanks to the lockable compartment your PC is protected against damage or theft.

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Outdoor information kiosks

There are various attractive outdoor products in the diz range. These robust solutions are vandal-proof and weather-resistant. Our outdoor products feature a climate control system and screens with a high light output, so guaranteeing problem-free use in public spaces. Our outdoor models have beautiful designs and are easy to use.

Bespoke and semi-bespoke solutions

Of course bespoke and semi-bespoke solutions are also possible. Whether you opt for a rugged industrial or an elegant and exclusive look, there is always a model that is fully compatible with your wishes.

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Application possibilities

  • Shopping kiosks and webshop kiosks
  • Digital reception desk
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Wayfinding kiosks
  • Registration and ticket dispenser kiosks
  • Transport and distribution
  • Internet and information kiosks