Why diz?

diz' professional technicians

diz is independent, innovative and professional. We offer a tried and tested product at a competitive price point. If required we join forces with our software partners to fulfil your specific software wishes. We are flexible and inventive. Our team are standing ready for you with the best and most suitable digital solutions!

Hardware and software options

diz is one of the few absolute specialists in the field of “public-proof” housings, and you don’t have to buy peripheral equipment and software. For you this means that diz can design or adapt the housing totally in line with your wishes. Your own software specialists can also count on a problem-free partnership.
But are you looking for hardware and/or software with your information kiosk or housing? That’s also possible, no problem. diz supplies proven industrial hardware components with a long service life, and works in partnership with a number of software partners who provide tried and tested solutions in every field and for every sector.

Reliable for all your projects

From one or two products to very large projects, diz is your reliable and dedicated partner, giving you insights into the exponential growth of new technologies. We also offer you perfectly appropriate (and often cost-saving) solutions in this context.

Exclusive through our in-house design

All of our information kiosks can be adapted to your own house style and your requirements for the design. We use materials such as steel, stainless steel, glass, wood, plastic etc. We focus on your design wishes, combined with our proven production methods. In his way we ensure ergonomics and ease of use in all our products, and your investment remains within budget. Like to know more about our designs? Please do not hesitate to contact us; we have many completed projects available to give you an impression of the possibilities.