SiteKiosk and SiteRemote

SiteKiosk: public access terminal software

A customer statement: “You would not believe how easily a small kid can paralyze an unprotected computer.” You can use SiteKiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications.


SiteRemote: remote maintenance

SiteRemote is a software solution that allows the remote access of terminals running SiteKiosk.



What is SiteKiosk?

SiteKiosk is browser software for safeguarding public access computer terminals and Internet PCs. SiteKiosk is the ideal software solution to securely present web-based content (HTML, Flash, videos, etc.) and applications on public access terminals. You can use SiteKiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications. Your computer will be protected against unwanted manipulation from the time the boot process begins up until the terminal is shut down.

Focus on security

SiteKiosk protects your public PCs and prevents user access to the operating system as well as system critical files and folders, and ensures that the users of your kiosks will not be able to deliberately or unintentionally corrupt them. The multi-step security configuration allows you to limit user access to operating system functions and Internet access.

Flexible presentation

SiteKiosk provides you with a variety of design templates that fit your business concept.
Additional free skins and design templates are available for download. You can create your own HTML, Flash, PowerPoint, or PDF document to use as your start page or select one of the start page templates that is included with SiteKiosk.


SiteKiosk provides a great number of internal maintenance features ensuring the smooth operation of your systems:

  • Crash Detection & Auto Recovery: crashes, errors, and other problems are detected and resolved instantly.
  • Log-out management: SiteKiosk will automatically return to the initial screen (start page) at the end of each session. SiteKiosk resets the terminal to its initial state, by closing all windows and applications, and deleting temporary internet files and cookies.
  • Remote management: use SiteKiosk’s remote maintenance solution, SiteRemote, to monitor the status and availability of your kiosks at all times.
  • Screensaver: SiteKiosk’s integrated screensaver will be activated after a period of inactivity, and can be set to display specific content (e.g. advertisements, pictures, web pages, .pdfs, flash, videos or a windows screensaver of your choice).

We offer SiteKiosk in three different license packages: Basic Version, NonProfit Edition and Plus Bundle.

Basic Version

The following is a description of some of the program components included in the Basic Version:

  • You can limit the user from downloading files to the terminal or restrict it completely. For instance, you can limit downloads to certain websites/URL’s;
  • Restrict the Surfing Area: this function allows you to specify which local paths (file) or Internet addresses (http) your users will be able to access;
  • The Security Manager will allow you to safeguard your Windows operating system quickly and efficiently;
  • The Basic Version includes 20 different display languages for the interface, which can be selected by the user.
1 € 149,00* 50+ € 119,00*
5+ € 142,00* 100+ € 104,00*
10+ € 134,00* 250+ € 97,00*
20+ € 127,00* 500+ on request

* per licence

Non-Profit Edition

The Non-Profit Edition provides all the functionality of SiteKiosk Basic and also adds an Internet Content Filter, including automatic updates of the filtering list. Proof of certified non-profit status is required.

1-14 € 99,00* 15+ € 70,00*

* per licence

Plus Bundle

The Plus version includes:

  • All features included in the Basic version;
  • Internet content filter;
  • On-screen keyboard;
  • SiteCam: record and send video clips and photos via email;
  • Charge for services offered by the terminal, such as burning CD’s, sending multi-media e-mails, printing, file downloads, etc.;
1 € 200,00* 50+ € 170,00*
5+ € 196,00* 100+ € 160,00*
10+ € 190,00* 250+ € 150,00*
20+ € 180,00* 500+ on request

* per licence


Update Basic Version
You can update from older versions to the current version 9 by paying an update fee. When placing your order, include your old license key or invoice number.

1 € 89,00*    

* per licence

Update Non-Profit Edition
Update your Non-Profit license to the current version of SiteKiosk including the Internet content filter. Your organization must be a registered non-profit organization or educational institution to qualify for the discount price.

1 € 49,00*    

* per licence


Upgrade Basic Version to Plus Bundle
You need this upgrade to extend your Basic license level to the Plus license level or from Non-Profit to Plus.

1 € 60,00*    

* per licence

SiteKiosk USB-stick

This USB-stick contains all current SiteKiosk software products along with the necessary drivers and the current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

1 € 15,00 per USB-stick    


Download trial SiteKiosk

Try before you Buy! This download contains SiteKiosk’s Basic Version as well as all available plug-ins. This trial version lets you test all functions and plug-ins extensively. The free trial version, while unregistered, will display a shareware notice every 5 minutes.
For more information on prices and available products, please contact us by telephone +31 (0)79 362 40 40 or e-mail

Download SiteKiosk Windows
Download SiteKiosk Android


SiteRemote offers a variety of monitoring functions for the hardware side of kiosks and public computers and to get an overview of individual machine status. Graphs and reports allow you to track the status of hardware components like CPU load, memory usage and network connectivity etc. SiteRemote offers you the option to transfer data, change configurations and perform reboots.

Free 30-day trial

Test The free trial account allows you to manage up to 50 terminals and offers 500 MB of data transfer volume.

SiteRemote Cloud – Annual Plan (12 months)

1-19 € 69,00* 20+ € 50,00*

* per licence

SiteRemote Cloud – 25 GB Traffic Package

The data transfer volumes included with the Annual Plan are usually sufficient for operating SiteRemote.
However, as the entire data transfer volume is charged as per use of the server (client-server/server-client and team-server/server-team), uploading large quantities of data (e. g. videos) can result in extensive usage. For this reason, we offer additional 25GB packages which can be purchased for your account.

1 € 49,00 per terminal