diz1446 max P
diz1446 max P
diz1446 max P
diz1446 max P
diz1446 max P, Hommerson Casino's

Impressive totem

Bigger is better. That certainly applies to the impressive diz1400 max series! This stylish designer kiosk features a screen – from big to immense – at eye level, with or without touch functionality. With this model you have an unrivalled eye-catcher in-house. The diz1400 max series is versatile and user-friendly, but there’s more: everyone in the surrounding area can easily see the screen. Big crowds, big spaces… the diz1400 max series can take them all on. And of course it’s available in a wide range of formats.

Looking for an impressive touch kiosk or narrowcasting totem? The diz1400 max series has a striking appearance, and effortlessly puts across your message.



16:9, Portrait

Screen size:

32", 43", 49", 55", 65"

H x W x D (cm):


Black, RAL9003


Powder-coated steel


Free standing


Operating system:

Windows (mini-pc)


Signage, Webcam


Available in all RAL-colours