Outdoor monitor housings

Whether you want to create a playful or an elegant effect with the casing of your screens, or you want your house style to be prominent, or the casing to be as inconspicuous as possible, we can do it all. diz has years of experience in the manufacture of “public-proof” screen housings that seamlessly match the customer’s style and the physical surroundings. You can either install your own screen in the kiosk or opt for a screen from diz, with or without touchscreen functionality.

Our outdoor housings are weatherproof, and feature an integrated climate control system and safety glass. Available in all common formats.

For specials too, you’ve come to the right place with us. We also manufacture outdoor housings and industrial housings (for the food processing industry, dusty environments etc.).

Looking for a “public-proof” outdoor screen housing with a long service life? Then choose the diz screen housing with climate control system.



Landscape, Portrait

Screen size:

32", 49", 55", 75"


RAL9003, RAL9005


Coated stainless steel






Available in all RAL-colours

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