Corona-proof product overview

diz has developed many products that are perfectly suited to today’s “1.5 metre society” and hygiene requirements. With these solutions you can offer your customers, visitors and employees confidence, while complying with the government guidelines. See an overview of our products below.

Disinfection kiosk

disinfection kiosk
Give your customers and staff the protection they need with our user-friendly disinfection kiosk. They can quickly and easily take the Corona self-test on the touchscreen and then disinfect their hands in the approved manner.

Digital people-counter

Social distancing remains a key measure in the fight against Corona. But how do you limit the number of people in a shop or other area? With our digital people-counter you fulfil the guidelines and implement an automated door policy.

Turnstile people-counter

turnstile people counter

In situations where entry control is crucial you can install a turnstile with a security barrier. It counts and records the number of visitors, and clearly shows on the monitor if they can enter or have to wait a while.

Ordering kiosk with disinfection pump

ordering kiosk with disinfection pump

Our ordering kiosks display your own menu on the touchscreen. Your guests can place their orders themselves, pay and then take their seats. The kitchen staff receive the order and can get down to work. Serve up… and bon appetit! With no direct personal contact, in line with today’s “1.5 metre society”. With optional buzzer and disinfection pump.

Self-service solutions to limit contact moments

And there are many more solutions: a digital kiosk gives you a self-service solution. Your customers or visitors can safely get down to work themselves without a direct personal contact moment with an employee. A wide range of built-in components offer endless possibilities, such as a digital company reception desk, a ticket kiosk at a zoo or the many registration kiosks in hospitals, with contactless payment, RFID technology, video doorbells and many other innovative applications for remote working. The possibilities are endless: together with our creative software partners we can offer the ideal solution for any situation.

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