Interactie, tickets en bestellen in musea

Museums are moving with the times. Exhibitions are becoming more dynamic, collections are presented more interactively. With an information kiosk or multitouch table it’s possible to show a museum’s entire collection without it being physically present. You can say more in less space, and what’s more in any language.

Transport- and distribution centers

Distrizuil bij Bavaria, Flora Holland en P en O Ferrymasters

The time that a lorry spends at a docking station should preferably be as short as possible. The diz6019 outdoor enables the driver to upload the freight details and enter all the necessary information directly into the system on arrival on-site. So there’s not much more to do at the station than the actual loading or unloading. The result? More volume in less throughput time.


Aanmelden en registreren in ziekenhuizen

As well as assistance for healthcare professionals, new technologies also offer ever more advantages and possibilities for the patient. A registration kiosk means you can give patients a faster, digital alternative. Reception desk workers can use their freed up time for patients who need extra attention or prefer to register in person.