How does rental work?

Together with you we identify your requirements for your event, so we can quickly give you expert advice on our rental possibilities. Based on our extensive experience we know exactly which products form the best match with your wishes and target group. We then make an appropriate rental offer, and take as many problems as possible off your hands. Configuring software, transport and installation of the rental product at your event: diz is your reliable rental partner.

Rental offer

The rental offer we make you always consists of two parts. The first part of the offer contains all the price information, while the second part gives you insight into the rental conditions and the information you need to make the product function at its best.
You receive the complete offer by email, with no obligation. If you agree to the offer you should return it to us, filled in as fully as possible and signed.


Once we have received your agreement we will prepare everything as carefully as possible. If you want to show your own application and/or presentation on the kiosks or monitors you can supply us with these. We take care of the installation of the necessary software, and test that everything is functioning properly.


We take care of the transport and the installation of the products on location. After the project is over we’ll be there at the agreed time to pick up our products.

Rental prices

You can find the current rental prices in our rental catalogue. If you wish we can make you a rental offer, totally without obligation, for renting our products. We also immediately identify the solutions that match your requirements. And of course we offer a substantially reduced charge for subsequent rental days and longer rental periods.


diz delivers the rental products throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, and installs them at the location specified by you. You pay a fixed amount per location for this.

Equipment malfunctions

If despite all our precautionary measures a malfunction still occurs, then please contact us immediately so we can take action.

Like to know more?

For more information on renting diz information kiosks please contact us by phone on +31 (0)79 362 40 40 or by email at